Monday, June 17, 2013

K.S. Mahaffey- A Poem

“Sitting Through a Lecture with Split Personalities”
Brilliant eyes flee to the window.
She is lost in a pool of excitement,
While her body remains in the room.
Her silence is all they hear.
During the lecture,
She has the capacity to linger in the wind.
A “U” is written on her face in the sun,
While in the room, her pen lays dormant.
Her parents wait.
The professor and classmates wait.
The judge and jury wait.
As her mind plays with all the decadent scenarios she creates.
Laying in the grass.
Taking a walk.
Talking to an old friend.
And then killing the bastard.
(Whoever he may be.)
But her luscious lips,
Cherry glazed,
And poised like the sun as it falls behind the horizon,
Let those frivolous thoughts recede into the back end of her mind.
If she were to speak on the matter, she would say:
“Go ahead and lock up my body. My mind will still play.”
And she reads this poem to "her class",
Only to hear the judge say she that she is not guilty by reason of insanity.

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