Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tom Hatch- A Poem

Hobbies III

Buttoning your cardigan 
From the top down
The hobby of it being 
Unbuttoning and rebuttoning
Is part of that hobby
Walking down the street
The beautiful girl just ahead
Is a hobby when you catch up
To her and keep pace with
Her hobby for few seconds
So people think you are a couple
The worst part of that hobby
Is when she realizes that you 
Are doing this 
Then slowing down 
Or speeding up becomes a hobby
The hobby of every
Breath you take is yours 
Then the bright sunlight 
Hits the air
The hobby of seeing all the 
Dust particles that are there
Then the hobby of telling 
Yourself it is not as bad 
As cottonwood season
The hobby of a big sneeze 
Waiting for someone to 
Say god bless you is a hobby
Part of that hobby is no one does
Another sentence to that
Hobby is everyone says 
Gesundheit and god 
Bless you 
The hobby of thinking leave me alone
Why did I sneeze 
It inches me closer to death
Another worst hobby
Is realizing the women
Sitting behind me on
The train are going
To talk all the way to Grand Central

One last thought
The hobby of when did
Banks stop looking like banks
Not holes in the wall
In the mall the hobby of
Giant Doric columns

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