Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tom Hatch- A Poem


Remember that time we went
Skinny dipping the sound of distant
Birds, doves mourn, cardinals singing
Voices through the trees off blue sky
North placed us south our pounding passion

Lay on soft white pine needles the
Smell of us slight sap in the breeze

Remember this I tell my bones
Taking them aside for a one on one
Remember her next to us her weight and size 
And eyes, feet and hands
Don't lie there doing nothing for eternity 
As all the dawns, mornings, days, evenings
Play above chasing the wind, and rain
Where our shadows danced into one

Bones you bond with eternity I'll
Be dead but bones do not forget
after the worms have
Eaten off the flesh of you my host
Hold off the worms from your marrow and hold our memory
Of her tight embrace from the days of sweet
Swim and love on the soft pine needle floor
Do not forget under the forest floor
Join with the roots of trees and see and listen
For me through the opening buds in spring

Tom paid his dues in the NYC SoHo art scene in the 70s, 80s and 90s. He was awarded two NEA grants for sculpture back then. And taught at various colleges and universities in the NYC metro area in art. He loves to write...sculpture takes up too much space and money. He has published at The Mind[less] Muse an A. J. Huffman site and is a regular at The Camel Saloon and BoySlut. He lives in CT with a few farms up and down the road works in Manhattan. His train ride to and from NYC is his solace, study and den where it all begins and ends.