Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jeremiah Walton- A Poem

LSD Theory of

Everything connected,
Everything harmonized
as it is, should and shouldn't
Slowly fading as light does into the ocean depths
Slowly growing as light does from the ocean depths
We are always becoming something
We are always being something
This is
as it is.
"You're just not used to pure Being."
howls the poet rushing madly to his notepad
(previously published in my nonprofit ebook LSD Giggles)


  1. One does not find many 18-year-olds writing as well as Jeremiah Walton does.

    Nor does one find many young people his age putting out an online poetry publication like Nostrovia.

    Take a peek at

    At his age I was more worried about whether my jump shot would go in.