Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

return to me 
looking back for one last time
our eyes don't meet,
it's hard to cross the threshold
for us both;
we know this parting will be for far
too long, we both cried —
you promise me this won't last forever,
but there's no end in sight;
you see what can't be seen and repair
the damage done to me, but here
in this wasteland i stand alone
everyone here is waiting to rip me to pieces
greedy to have me back
to do everything for me that i couldn't
when i was away,
and i just want oblivion to swallow me
in his sweet embrace,
softer than feathers yet not as sweet
as your kiss;
like a broken sparrow's wings
i falter here, in this place i cannot survive
my heart is shattering like the bones
that won't mend quickly enough —
nothing else matters except that you're not here,
and i'm missing you the way lovers do
because we were meant to be together not apart
for if you're ice then i'm snow,
and if you're an adjective i'm the noun you're
describing more beautifully —
we are the same two people looking out at sea,
and even if we have to remain seven eternities apart
i'd be willing to spend my infinity with you
because we're immortal as the stars,
together we'll always shine
apart we are as an indigo black night without flame.

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