Thursday, March 7, 2013

Leeroy Berlin- Three Poems

west side, best side

we’d walk down veteran
between the cemetery and the university
whistling angler’s lures
to sexy fish
caught in flourescent nets
on the way to maloney’s
the honorable dead must have envied
our raging erections which
at the time
didn’t seem sacrilegious
but hindsight
that flinging full rubbers
over the tombstones
was some kind of sin.

under these watchful eyes

the trick to unlocking a door
is to lift the bolt
with tension
even to turn the lock back
as though you’d changed your mind at the last second
but with insufficient force to stop
those urges
that drive half dressed teenagers out through their parents’
front doors
crawling through open windows
in pursuit of the testicular imperative
and the quest
for something more tactile
than textual
something that could be felt
and not seen
because what was seen was known
to those watchful eyes
that peered from second floor windows,
surveillance cams,
and satellite flybys
on our every move.

lizards in my room

i have to be careful these days
when i wake up in the middle of the night
not to scream too loudly
or jump too suddenly
so i don’t
startle my unwelcome roommates
clinging to the ceiling.
i used to chase them out with a broom
but they just came back
and after a week
in and out
in and out
i gave up.
i told them, alright you can have the ceiling
and i’ll take the floor
eat the mosquitoes and we’ll call it even on the rent.
stay out of the fridge
and don’t watch too close when my girlfriend

Author bio: Leeroy Berlin recently tried his hand at manual labor.  He decided he still prefers typing too much to anything that resembles actual work and went back to writing poetry and leaving the electric bill unpaid.

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