Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Neha Srivastava- A Poem

I’ll be okay as long as the sun shines bright outside

Afraid of that sliver of hope,
It’s just not enough right now,

Keeps teasing and straining that string of happiness,
Enticing it to break out of its mortal bounds,
Fogs the rearview of life, blocks the visions of a painful past,
Stops me from wallowing in that sickly sweet comfort of defeat,
Gates me from the finality and peace of the terminal.
But always crumbles away the moment I feel I can lean against it…

Tired of the travel to the dark depths of self, so often,
Trying so hard to stand firm on this slippery quicksand of oscillating emotions,
You know it’s not enough for strength when all you have had for long are extreme mood swings,
Weak enough to feel the strains from the dreams of the night,
And the weight of those which reside in my eyes.

But then, somehow, that miniscule hope,
Reflecting off the ceiling,
Tends to make those dark shades disappear,
Travels from the head to toe as I find ground beneath my feet,
Hope floats as the strides keep pace with the mind,
And I want to carry on…

It was okay to be holed-in when the breeze was chilly and it bit,
But to miss out on the clear skies and the bright blue days is just too much to bear,
And I guess I want to give it all a new try,
Cause I feel I will be okay as long as the sun shines bright outside…

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