Tuesday, December 11, 2012

James Babbs- Three Poems


something tells me
I’m not in Kansas
I’ve never been there and
won’t be going
any time soon
but I’ve been thinking about Omaha
I like the way it sounds
or maybe
some place in Wyoming
I’ve read some statistics and
there aren’t a lot of people there
and I find that really appealing
endless miles stretching between
you and your neighbors
I’d never have to see anyone
if I didn’t want to
like right now
how I’m down in the basement
sitting back in the corner
far away from the stairs


when I fell from
the arms of love
I remember
how terrible it felt
my body hitting the ground and
how I didn’t want to get up
I just stayed down there
longer than I should have
the wind and the rain
all the time
against my skin and
I kept my eyes closed
until I sensed the light again
when I opened them
the sun was out
bright and happy in the sky
it felt warm and
when I looked around
I saw all the things
I had seen before
all of them were there
but they all looked different


the girl working the register
isn’t old enough to
scan my case of beer
she sets it on the floor
before ringing up
my other groceries
she smiles and tells me
it’ll be just a minute
for someone to come and
ring up my alcohol
that’s what she calls it
before she asks me
how I’m doing and
I tell her
it’s hot out there and
she agrees with me
says something about
how we really need some rain
I say yeah
it’s getting pretty dry
then the cashier manager
or whatever she’s called
comes over and
scans my case of beer
gives me my receipt
she smiles and tells me
have a nice day and
before I walk away
I say
I’m certainly going to try

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