Friday, December 28, 2012

Kushal Poddar- A Poem

Agreeing To Anything Today

More tomorrows from one
who served leftovers lifelong-
happy New Year aunt sunshine. 
We passed the old tea shop
and will reach you by morning.
More tomorrows, you will insist.
More tomorrows we shall shove
under our dishes
since your faithful dog
died from too much medicine.
We will hear the wind howling
in your vegetable garden,
not willing to stir the things buried
beside some yellowed bones
waiting for a retriever.
More tomorrows, you will say.
We shall agree.

Kushal Poddar (1977- ) resides in the city of Kolkata, India. Apart from poetries, he has written fictions and scripts for television mini-series as well.
His English poems have been published in various online and print magazines all over the world. He is the author of “All Our Fictional Dreams” and been published in “Poor Poet’s Pantry: Collaborative Poems”. The forthcoming book is “Surviving Cyber Life” and “Five Poets: An Anthology”


  1. A fine combination of sweet and sour. Who can deny the dogs digging for the familiar? In the old bones lay nourishment for spring flowers. Are we not all retrievers when it comes to reunions, seeking the morsels of happy?

  2. Significant energy, industry-standard compression, the detatched 'pessimist' will never b too disappointed, enough dogpulting for now