Thursday, December 20, 2012

J. Williams- Three Poems

The Nothing that Returned
It was to return
Mightier than ever
With vengeance and determination
To destroy all that dares question it
All that disobey its ruthless abandon
I remain stubborn
Intensely stubborn
No fear for this mortal
I stood in its path
Arms stretched
Eyes clinched tight
Waiting for its wrath
Then it came with the strength of a newborn
The courage of a coward
And the success record of a blind bank robber
Everything to No One
He is the embodiment of narcissism
from breakfast to dinner
from day to day
the sun would set solely on his will
doing just as he orders
making life for those around him unbearable
Tasks become more daunting
Water levels rising
engulfing the earth
but he stands alone
above the fray
cheating death
king of the world at last
the lone survivor
no more noise
no more action
just loneliness
patiently awaiting for his own slow
and agonizing march towards a miserable death
its a game of winner takes all
only the clear winner is greed
the desire to want for little sacrifice
the need to have without earning
no its not the only way
it is the easiest way
its how the world forms each day
lifting one to the top
while crushing those below
not too concerned with the damage
collateral or otherwise
its hope without the eternal
its summer without the fall
the ruins have been ruined
with nothing to show at all

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