Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

a price you cannot afford 
all those moments
that were not yours to take
i pray that they break you
the way you
broke her,
and i wish i could shatter you
into your star dust
because you are an insult
to every star
hung in the night but that would make
me the monster you are;
and so i remain
wholly intact holding back the dragon within me
so i don't destroy her by bringing out
the worst in me for your
you may not remember me,
but i'll always 
recollect your face;
i'll always want vengeance for every splinter
you fractured her heart into
making promises she didn't mean,
but you made me stronger;
for that i thank you—
but i won't grovel at your feet
the price of this strength was almost more than i could 
endure and so i have sharpened my claws
just in case you come scrambling back
i am a price you can no longer 

buried you 
i don't need to steal others' light to shine
because there is a fire in me 
that never dies
i am a descendant of the stars,
and i shine bright;
i drink up the star light and dance in the moon light
you were always trying to steal my nebulae
so you were a memory
i've buried beneath all the pain you put me through
shining bright like a nova
i cut the glass like diamonds
refusing to ever let anyone else rain down on
my fire and sparks and light—
you woke the storm in me and now i will never
be tamed again
for i am not a bird you put in a cage but a wild thing
always flying toward the sun and stars and moon
because my dreams are vast
like the universe.

sometimes the pain still remains 
i'd like to say let bygones be bygones,
but i cannot forget what you've
even if i've forgiven it
sometimes the pain still remains—
i don't understand why you wanted my heart
to suffer the same pain as yours
you should have known
how much
this hurts, you should have known
if you truly loved me as you said
you wouldn't have tried to destroy me
the way you did—
i wanted an apology i was never given
was in agony and anger so long i couldn't remember
how to smile,
but since then peace has returned and i know
happiness and i can smile;
but i worry about you
trapped in the darkness of your own heart—
i wish you could have accepted my
lessons for i would have taught
you to shine again.

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