Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Emily Hart- Three Poems

red stone

her thoughts like carbuncle
coal twisting on the hearth.

a candle's death

in its brass holder
the candle flame
throbs and sighs
dipping beneath the rim
like a cry.
in a moment
the light turns blue
leaps sharply
and dies.

sometime in the night

the rain began sometime in the night
long after i had feathered
the rosary beads
across my fingers
and drifted into a sleep
mercy would guard from dreams.
i woke
muffled guns in the jungle
pulling back the curtain of sleep.

Emily Hart has appeared in publications such as Denali, Womyn's Press, Groundwaters, Fireweed, A Room Of One's Own and others under various pens.  Currently she lives in Southern Oregon gleaning inspiration while weeding star thistles.

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