Sunday, January 31, 2016

Barbara Gordon- A Poem


Early one morning, I guess around three
Our little girl cried out for her Daddy and me
We rushed to her room and knelt at her bedside
She was trembling and scared, here’s what she cried.

“Daddy oh Daddy, I just had a dream!
Please hold me close Daddy and tell me what it means!
I was in Heaven and I found Mommy there,
But I couldn’t find you Daddy and I looked everywhere!”

“I ran to the gate and you where down on your knees,
Begging and crying, “Lord, let me in please!”
I turned and ask Jesus, “Please take one more look!”
With tears in his eyes, he showed me his book.

“Can’t you see Daddy; the Lord wants you to know,
When I go to heaven, he wants you to go!
So come to church with us and join us in prayer,
So when I get to Heaven I know you’ll be there!”