Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kristina Jacobs- A Poem

The Road Home

Darkness turned white, leaned in close
there's a subtle weight to the air tonight
it fights my breath

The tendons just along my neck
grow tight with a new tension
I grip the wheel a little tighter

My eyes dart left, center, right, up, down
I watch for the glow of lights,
a landmark on a familiar road

I blink
startled by the feeling
one blink to the next, something is different

I can't place exactly where I am
on the road home
my headlights a narrow tunnel

Bits and wisps of white swirl,
something moving up ahead,
a shape

I slow for the impossible,
a fog man standing in the road
softly lit against the dark night

Bold, he beckons

Kristina Jacobs lives in Minnesota. Inside Invisible and Dawn After Dusk are her most recent poetry chapbooks.

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