Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DB Cox- A Poem

the show
--- for Major Tom

comes sundown
& it is cold here
in this room
too small to contain
my loneliness
mind gray & vacant
searching the solitude
for clues
that might unlock
this puzzle box-
slow movement forward
through another day
nothing left to say
that doesn’t sound
like nonsense
quiet anguish
as my imaginary
rushmore crumbles
& falls away
i thought i heard
the telephone scream
"no more messages"
but i really can't
make out the words
only the noise
of a mechanical voice

how long has
this beast
been grazing
in my temple

how long
has this dust
been descending
across my shoulders

how long
has this night
been falling

how long
have i been
inside myself

my mind
seems tired of me

the show
will not go

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