Sunday, January 10, 2016

J. Donnelly- Two Poems

9-11 Snorks Courage

Before 9-11 Snorks roamed around their underwater village
zero concern of foreign attackers

After the first plane when into the first building
You couldn’t go in or out of the village without presidential clearance
Everyone got really scared and started to piss everywhere
This made the mayor happy,
he owned stock in public sanitation,
Made millions,
Which he kept for himself, despite pleas for charitable support,
The water got so murky that you couldn’t see a clown fish
Crabs died off
It finally took the collapse of Snork Fund Trust
Wastelands of huts
Expensive bubbles
For snorks to realize that they’ll still be safe
Even if they have more regulations

Birds on the walk home

There are birds on the walk home that bemoan
My somber attitude and chirp slang platitudes
This genetic hatred masked in phonetic candid
Speech, easily accomplishing blank stares from the beak,
Glum nests look like their neighbors places of rest,
their chests are all puffed up like their neighbors’ chests,
They laugh at people who stash
Their egos inside tee shirt gazebos
Showing off the culture of the un-bought
Unbound to store windows and unafraid to suckle Cheetos
Looking fresh, where styles mash up and mesh,
With their feathers gleaming like tanned leathers
They watch and judge and judge and watch
You walk up the street, chirping to the beat
Of the traffic, trying not to feel the static
Shock of a stuck up flock
waving goodbye from middle claw in the sky

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  1. Narratives of on the disentangled moods of our nature
    are embodied in your good works.