Saturday, January 9, 2016

Heath Brougher- A Poem

Heath Brougher attended Temple University. He recently became the new poetry editor of Five2One Magazine. He has published two little books titled “A Drought of Ichor” and “2” (Green Panda Press). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Yellow Chair Review, Of/with, Mobius, Diverse Voices Quarterly, Main Street Rag, BlazeVOX, *82 Review, Gold Dust, Otoliths, MiPOesias, Gloom Cupboard, Foliate Oak, Mad Swirl, eFiction India, Dark Matter Journal, Harbinger Aslylum, and elsewhere.
Surrounded by solitude,
selfimposed, secluded from society,
breathing dust in this dustbreathing
roomful of ruined air and smoke,
I slept away the day, body inert,
living in dreams, dream the wholesome
day away to thrive and anger in dreams,
to conquer, to sleep the day,
motionless body, mind ablaze in different realms,
twenty-two hours a day I sleep through
even this gorgeous blooming of summer
and what’s come to be called reality.


  1. Opening 4 lines quite revelatory and effective!

  2. Opening 4 lines quite revelatory and effective!