Saturday, January 9, 2016

Brandon Theis- A Poem

catapult flip

canyons of 'crave power' plumage billow trite conclusions
vote neat-o clotting the vein sludge vertigo-go's
poorer crazed walnut lure, flapping border gore
smacking frog like eschewed hop-a-lung Aztec
hyper hydrated on the promise of tender natal subcutaneous slugs
blistering along the lymph shrines, brindled in lime colored brine
evacuate the slate, drawn like shafts of steel from corncob catacombs
clinging to faith in the absolute nothingness, worth beings
unhinged catapult flip brew sewage
sipped nightly in cups constructed of holy wander lust
muster up the clustered gluttony armor
battle swords of planes in parallel partial writes
the worlds never saw it coming, they just shifted
blissfully unable to fund the awareness

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