Saturday, December 5, 2015

J. Donnelly- Two Poems

NOFX now

I’m obsessed with NOFX now
Thirty one and aging
The venues seem so far away
I hate the crowds before seeing them
Forever, standing in the back
Afraid to move through the pit
The sacrifice
Unable to connect the dots
One bass string and the next band
Unable to champion my own cause
Blurred visitors of change, clairvoyant lifestyles
You could have sold some individualism
Some fear of the unknown self
Follow the path through shitty alleys
Wearing the clothes you got for Christmas
They will stink but look normal
They will itch but have stories

Famous skaters

Skaters who push their way into fame
Redbull arenas and Rock Star stereotypes
They make monsters of themselves
drink take away the purity
influence generations of consumers
When they get old
and sugary liquid drips from rotten brain cells
Nobody will remember when they bought in
Nobody will remember when they sold out
J.Donnelly lives and writes in Astoria, NY. His chapbook is title "The ECW and other poems".

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