Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kushal Poddar- Three Poems

Once A Red Moon

Before the eclipse
moon sniffs
crotch of the tree.

The sea of roof.
Your shoulder against mine.

Chair Between Occupations

The chair in its 
between occupations

It doesn't belong
to me. I see silence 
sheds leaves

from its nearby
bough that mimics a man
with cold shoulders.

The chair begins
to rock the balcony.

The Hiss Of The Line

water on my palm

serpent of lifeline hisses
back at my eyes

sunlight granules rubbed

I can say, my eyes reddened 
because of fever

fervor becomes 
the word of the day 

I amble from here to the blur 

my hand seeks support 
from those long sunlit walls 

city fences with its shade

from the dive board leaps

something and when I turn my head 
there is nothing to see.

There is nothing to see

so I can scratch off my eyes
You can stop hissing

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