Monday, October 5, 2015

J. "Ash" Gamble- Three Poems & Picture

Here There Be Dragons

We travelled wide
across jade jewel seas,
observing the flickering
eyes of strangers,
static sounds of other
lands, finding treasures
in other peoples’ hands.
Then the trail ran cold,
then the path ran out,
then the earth ended,
and all we saw the open
mouth of destiny
yawning at us with teeth.

Tea Party

Curled hair,
top hat, wide grin,
grungy hands,
and a bad bag of tea,
a tiny alice sitting
on the other side grows
larger, each passing cup,
each passing offer,
until there is no tea,
no time, no grin,
no hatter, just her,
and the party is over,
the caterpillar
dancing a welcome.


I have a backbone
and a body, and I reach
for the stars.
And when that happens
I meet the gods.
They give me fire
and courage
and my feet smoke
ragingly and alone.

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