Monday, October 5, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A Civil War

the Civil War is still alive,
no longer geographic,
but now more between black and white,
rural and urban,
between taxpayers,
and the forty seven percent,
different world views,
the administration encouraging the continual dissent,
knowing the war,
allows opportunities to exploit,
ignoring the casualities.
Obama's Middle East Policy

Putin erased Obama's red line,
Obama and the administration,
ignored and belittled,
in front of the rest of the world,
the president a coward,
his words mean notihng,
nor do his promises,
he hides behind his lies,
while the world explodes in violence,
the Middle East,
the new Soviet Bloc,
colored on maps,
a Russian Red.
The Death Penalty

Jesus convicted,
died for our sins,
would have never happened,
if Pope Francis had his way,
the Catholic Church,
defined by hippie love,
boiundaries soft,
and gray,
read the Bible,
if it is,
God's chosen word,
love defined within scriptures,
in a different way,
no flowers or hugs,
but sacrifice,
and pain,
never soft,
nor muddled,
or gray.

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