Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sy Roth- A Poem

Manhattan Unbound

Encased in an undulating cradle
a clatterbox of wheels and sashaying passengers
the landscape moves by  a whiplashing suburbia

beside the tracks a waning tableaux of the deafened
mauled by the click-clack of endless wheels 
leaves behind a sea of dead-moving slimed-green pools

blue pools, chemically intubated
moved beyond the blurred trees, the blurred homes,
the vapid, verdantly menacing railroad siding

hiding in its bowels
its zombie dwellers,a cornucopia of people
lazily searching the forest floor for life

eyes blinded bland bound to their mossy shingles, 
gutters laden with wild growth— tied to themselves 
to humanity 

fool themselves like a train’s swagger
side to side whipped into lassitude 
recompense for an idle existence

locked in their cradle
Away from the bawling creatures slouching to Bethlehem
their porcine snouts rut the earth

rolling through never lands on a wagon train
long line of Conestoga wagons
depositing them in the land of Nod

Nodding assemblages driven to a neon graveyard
where their memorials fall, and rebuild themselves 
amid the laughter and the hurly burly that cuts them into metal shards

and a sadness falls like a hush as they reach their pen.

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