Monday, December 1, 2014

Richard Schnap- Three Poems


He didn’t go to the funeral
But he sent a bouquet of flowers
A collection of yellow roses
The color she loved the most
His cousins called to thank him
Saying how they scattered its petals
Along with their mother’s ashes
On the surface of the tropical sea

And in the days that followed
He thought about life’s brief season
How we’re carried from cradle to coffin
On the back of an indomitable wind
But somehow he felt there’s a reason
That someday will be revealed
As the waves of time wash over us
With a rhythm as steady as our hearts


I pass them everyday
Addicts and alcoholics
Outside the rehab center

Overhearing their talk
Of needles and flasks
Sacraments of a grey faith

They seem both young
And old at once
As if they inhabit

A corner of time
Reserved for those condemned
To a prison of need

Where one by one
They will turn into smoke
Leaving their shadows behind

For others to find
And make their own
Keeping death’s candle burning


Throughout her life
Whenever she had to
Make a crucial decision

She felt a faint presence
Like a voice in her head
Telling her what to do

Like when a boy asked her out
She was urged to say no
As he was found guilty of rape

Or when she turned down a job
With a prestigious company
That later went bankrupt

And now as she entered
The twilight of her life
She wondered what was to come

Just as a nightingale
Appeared at her window
And started to sing

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