Monday, December 1, 2014

Jonathan Beale- Two Poems

The moment divining

The moment divining
Diving, - again still the same
Losses are- unaccounted for
As the invisible acid eats

Foaming the spumes catalyst
Shows breeding maggots in light and dark
Endlessly still they weave
Eating away monyana monyana

Old guys on the edge:  fish
Their lines are a Rasa d'ĂȘtre
The end is a - the death fathomed
Still is never

Mossed bark where love marks left
Leave no love. Leaving- punctuation
Breathe against the dank day’s failure  
Breath. Chance before ….before   

The greening days sinking

The greening days sinking
Hollow moments.
The eagles’ eye: Drawn. Watches
A universal stillness

Then seasons drop and colour. Death.
The stillness become rigid
Rigamortised –
                        In a light

            Bloods still affect –
A drunken mode

The days still greening above the brown

The bark drags

             The aging smoke musty
Still drifting along

The light flirtingly makes the spring summer

The want is in the eye

The greening days


Is still the greening day

                                                And so sinks

And the greening day

                                                Is gone
                                                Is gone
And will remain

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