Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bradford Middleton- A Poem


The rain swirls harshly as the wind batters our parade with all its might
It’s drowning out my television and there ain’t anything I can do
Except turn the damn thing off and prowl my room peering through my curtains at the mess
On the street outside as some terrace furniture goes flying from next door
The cars struggle through but for once I can’t see any bikes
It sounds like the end of the world could be just over the horizon
Like it’s too dangerous to go outside during this season of fear

The rain gets worse as it begins to seep in through my window through my poorly maintained sash
A cowboy maintenance guy tried to sort it out the last time we had a storm
But he botched it and left it almost as fucked as it was before his visit
He’d taken me for a mug and left me holding an empty cup in which I could catch the rain
Alas it’s Christmas and my agents office is shut, what a way to enjoy this time of year
So what can I do?  Well, it’s amazing what you can do with enough gaffer tape and towel
It’s kept me dry but hardly warm during this terrible season of fearful storms

Bradford Middleton now has over one hundred published pieces online or in various printed journals and magazines and has recently completed his debut novel DIVE.  Want to read it get in touch, bradfordmiddleton@gmail.com

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