Monday, April 27, 2015

Richard Schnap- Three Poems


On a grey sidewalk
Lie homeless sleepers
Scattered beneath
The blanket of the wind

While in between them
Glide lines of robots
Each one as similar
As the one before

And both of them seem
Unaware of the other
As if they inhabit
Two separate worlds

Where one dreams only
Of mirrors of themselves
While the other one dreams
Of nothing at all


In a cheap little room
Lit by a bare bulb
A man at a window
Stared out at the night

To see through the darkness
Another like him
Framed by a light
As naked as his own

And he wondered if he
Knew the same burdens
Felt the same sorrows
Held the same doubts

Or if he was only
Another stranger
Whose name and story
He would never know


I see long lines of men
That all seem alike
Following each other
In a thick grey fog

On a shrouded highway
They barely can see
That guides them toward
A vague destination

And each puts his faith
On the one before him
While the one right behind
Holds a similar belief

That someday he’ll reach
The end of his journey
That started in shadow
But might lead to the same

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