Sunday, April 12, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

In Obama's World

Iran can have the bomb,
but oil and coal with be banned,
climate change a terrible threat,
but Iranians only misunderstood terrorists,
in Obama's world,
health insurance and healthcare,
not two separate things,
cost the most important variable,
not the stress of the doctors,
around the operating table,
in Obama's world,
legal justice for black felons,
handcuffs for the police,
those fanatical killers,
equality for every sex,
and orientation,
through Christians should surrender their beliefs,
for the sake of the nation,
in Obama's world,
black is white,
and white is black,
divided forever more.
Mistakes Made

Bush was after WMD's in Iraq,
now Obama attempts to control the bomb in Iran,
lies told again,
and again,
to achieve their goals,
fate not promising,
mankind deserves better than these,
partisan politicians,
only wanting to please.

spies all around,
with cellphones,
and i-pads,
recording events of the day,
hoping to find something done wrong,
comrades employed by the state,
no jobs worked,
or wages paid,
but on the government dole,
never the less,
onward to the revolution,
equality and brotherhood,
for the chosen elite,
citizens who agree with the government view,
while the common folk,
indicted and enslaved,
along with the rest of society,
and the one percent,
cellphones at the ready,
cameras running. . .

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