Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


Justice possesses no right or wrong,
only a department,
within the government,
shading morality,
this way,
or that,
with agendas to pursue,
and axes to grind,
victims and aggressors,
all the same,
no justice for anyone,
only a department,
within the government,
manipulated by the body politic.

The Campaign

jobs gone,
yet they smile,
and nod,
children suffer worldwide,
promises made,
regarding meaningless things,
to be left alone,
is all some people ask,
actors staged,
speeches played,
dramas presented for the parasites,
and the elites,
yet Shakespeare,
long long dead,
lives lived,
in-spite of the campaign,
an exercise in futility.

The Atomic Age

eyes reflecting only pain,
the hurt growing,
divert your gaze,
before engulfed,
an atom bomb of agony,
destruction in its wake,
the mushroom cloud,
dark and searing,
expanding from eye to eye,
and life to life,
once hope forgotten,
and meaning lost.

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