Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bradford Middleton- Three Poems


My life of late has been one of ups and downs
And I ain’t talking about any delicious taste of physical exertion
It’s just this life of mine has been a rollercoaster
Which could prompt any soul to forget their sanity
Hurtle into delirium and delinquency
Go out not knowing where and stoned, oh so very stoned
And then stumble out of a pub some hours later
Not remembering anything of the night before

The news has been of triumphs turning to shit
Or bad news overcome through the help of friends

When will the normal semblance of life return
Or is this the end, the complete breakdown of any sense of reality
The weed is going down way too fast at the minute
And the drink is, yet again, out of control
I don’t know how this is ever going to work out well
But somehow we got to get out of this house
Where my paranoia is now openly taunted by neighbours
Who just want me out, out of their house and their lives


The sky is screaming with
An abstract expression of boredom
Unaware of my empathy towards its predicament
As the sun comes out for the first
Time in a long while
The heat has burned holes in the sky
Leaving no shade from
The brutality of the sun

It’s too hot for my brain
And my body wilts in the midday sun as
Our town is infected with people
Thinking there on the Costa del London

The weatherperson announces it another
Scorching hot day of brain melting intensity
So what is there to do?
Today, alas, I have four hours at the place I hate
With stupid customers asking where’s the beach
As they buy their boxes of beer and barbeque food
Have a nice day I tell them, muttering under my
Breath that I wish they would just leave us alone


It’s just another Tuesday
But everyone’s got somewhere to be except me
It’s just another Tuesday
December 25th, 2012 and only four days after the end of the world

I survived the apocalypse
But what’s the point when there ain’t anywhere to go
And even on this most ordinary of days
I ain’t got anywhere to be

Two more shifts at my job
Before I get ten days leave but nowhere to go
Not this time can I make an escape from
This most isolated of lives with nowhere to go

Nothing to do today except drink and smoke
So just like any other Tuesday in this most mental of times
There ain’t going to be any revolution of the soul today
Maybe that’ll come tomorrow

Then I may have somewhere to be
But not today
Just another damn Tuesday of isolation and madness
Just like any other

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  1. This is pretty damn good stuff by anyone's yardstick ( and i speak as someone who keeps many sticks in my yard).