Saturday, January 18, 2014

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

a new house
there was a promise
in goodbye
she tilted her head at
for every pain you
suffered over me in the
lilting golden orb
of summer
she promised that i would
be better for it,
and i won't lie at first
it hurt like hell
thought the flames of this
pain would never
stop lashing me with their
winter agony
sinister and cold;
but one day the peace came,
and i was bereft of your
name on my heart and soul
as if you had never
claimed me as yours only to
ditch me
as if the edifice of all your
winter words never
chilled my bones,
and i guess you were right when
you said you were freeing me
because there's nothing
in you my summer's heart of golden
laughter and mirth would want
to house in the bitterness of your bones.

i'll leave you bereft
i was your little bird
you kept housed
in your
with little food, little water
starved for affection
every time you said 'i love you'
i swallowed it without
it may be just a lie to keep
me around;
let you have your way with me,
and i became your objectified
my emotions mattered little to you
so long as you were satisfied
i was just the place
maker in
your book; the page that lasted
a few brief moments before
it was discarded for the next and the
trees know my pain and longing
for a better ending than
so i sit beneath the stars,
gazing at the moonlight wondering why
it was so necessary to steal my
star light simply so you could shine?
one day i hope it wanders
leaves you cold, mute, and bare
because when you come to
me bereft of my love
i will not
allow you to ascertain it again.

the moon's antidote

infected me with the poison
of your presence,
and i didn't realize it was
killing me
until i had drank all the cups
you were willing to
give me of your lust disguised under
the guise of love,
a gauze that looked lovely yet
was poisoned within;
now i wander fruited plains alone
sunlight dances in my hair
yet i could not partake of her candies
for so long until the moon came
with her starlit night,
and told me the time of mourning
was done that she had given
me an elixir,
torn all
all the silver twining
our souls

so i could be a sea of me
ignore all the noxiousness you infused
with my bones,
drink misery without your bitterness
breathe a better tomorrow because you
weren't there.

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