Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daniel N. Flanagan- A Poem

Tyler Durden

& I was staring and glaring
Glazed over and
Staring still
At my bright computer screen.
I blinked with force!
& she appeared before me
A subliminal message
Slipped into my subconscious vision
Ahh…but she was too slow!
I saw her this time round,

In a chair she sat
Slicing her wrist she was
Showing me she had no fear
I feared her
She appeared in black & white
And so I drained blue & white
Until my liver was black and my piss was

I turned up the volume and
Let Netflix alleviate my mind from

Daniel N. Flanagan is a Worcester, MA native. He is the author of the short story "Daddy's Girl", located in The Commonline Journal, and sixteen poems, featured in Poppy Road Review, Three Line Poetry, and more. He has five stories and six poems scheduled for publication by various journals, including Stone Path Review. Check him out at and follow him @DanielNFlanagan.

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