Saturday, January 11, 2014

James Babbs- Three Poems


read the sign in front of him
but he just kept going anyway
he didn’t have any destination in mind
he just wanted to drive
he always felt the most alive
when he was moving
so he drove all night
wired on coffee and Mountain Dews
eating greasy food
from 24-hour gas stations
he just kept going
the music turned up loud
past sleepy little towns
where nothing was happening
in the middle of nowhere
on some lonely stretch of road
located between here and there
something large and dark
darted out in front of him
and he jerked the wheel
slammed on the brakes
felt the car swerving to one side
coming to a stop
in the tall grass
growing along the side of the road
he sat there shaking
in the first light of dawn
wondering where he was
his hands still gripping the wheel

Again This Morning

holding the pillow
my arms around it
as if it were
my long lost love
I kept pulling her
closer to me
never wanting to let her go
the basement
engulfed in darkness
I heard the sound of
the dehumidifier running
I shivered
but I wasn’t cold


it wasn’t long
after we broke up
I saw her
out there in the yard
brush in hand
painting her house yellow
like flecks of sun
stuck in her hair
her face
so bright and shining

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