Monday, July 16, 2012

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

harsh reality
sometimes rainbows are just rainbows
there are no pots of gold on the other 
side, no get out of jail free cards -
reality is a callous queen that likes
to stick in her pins until we think
we can bleed no longer relenting only
for a brief reprieve before she stabs
us with all the the venom she can muster
just because she can abuse her authority
and no one can hold her accountable for it.

saved from myself
my bitterness used to paint me black yet
you caused it to rescind with your kind 
words and now winter's hold has released 
me no longer am I a rose blackened past 
the point of repair; I've been repainted into
a scarlet lily freckled with brow spots 
that nearly resemble obsidian like my eyes -
and if you'll only let me I'll bathe you in
my fragrance and save you like you have me.

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