Monday, July 2, 2012

James Babbs- A Poem

My Brother’s Records

I kept my brother’s records
after he died and
his old Pioneer turntable
it still works and
I use it all the time
and I still listen to
some of those old records
like Highway to Hell
the last AC/DC album
with Bon Scott as their singer
or Heaven Tonight by Cheap Trick
that my nephew and I
used to put on and pretend
we were playing in the band
and a couple of
Tyrannosaurus Rex albums
that sounded kind of weird
but I like them more and more
the older that I get
and my brother’s been gone now
for 26 years
more than half my lifetime and
some days
when I think about it
it just doesn’t seem possible


  1. excellent as always, Jim (may I call you Jim?)

  2. Very powerful. One of the best poems I've read recently.