Sunday, July 1, 2012

Donal Mahoney- A Poem

The Corner of Wells and Madison
I know that if I ever
fall in the street
the way that man did,
in the middle of an intersection,
someone will mind.
But if unlike that man
I make it
to the other side,
scale the curb and
mount the sidewalk
and then fall,
no one will have to
drive around me.
There will be no extra noise.
There will be only the usual honking.
People walking by
will have to watch their step, true.
But this is Chicago:
No one can blame me for that.


Donal Mahoney spent most of his life living and working in Chicago.
Many a morning and evening he stood at the corner of Wells and Madison, the last intersection he had to navigate going to or coming from work. On a good day, he can still here the symphony of car horns and the cabbies yelling at pedestrians.

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