Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nicole Taylor- Three Poems

A Dancing Dream

Janet smiles and lumbers forward.

Cheryl downstairs usually walks steps
forth, body straight, and stomps

Janet leans right, left. We follow 
simultaneously. Arms and feet stay,
remain forward. Drum beats fill
the dance room.

Cheryl sometimes listens to loud music
or radio sermons.

Her front apartment door shuts loudly. I 
awake ignoring neighbor’s loud music
and footsteps.

Footsteps and Janet’s wheelchair
were in my dance dream.

Later I was weeding, cutting, sweeping,
I was dancing outside with rake and broom.

In Stride
in stride,
in hop.

He usually takes it 
all in stride.

He is wanting a home in California,
         a girlfriend.

He usually takes it in stride
that I have not accepted to be his girlfriend yet,
after making out again New Year's Eve.

Gothic Black
Black is her short bob
  with brown roots.

Black is her leather choke collar
   with silver rings.

Black is her short sweatshirt 
   with gray lining and stitching.

Black is zippered cargo pants 
  with zippered pullouts.

Black is her small shoes
   with black suede and laces.

Nicole currently has no MFA's, many hopeful projects, a variety of styles and a wide variety of subjects. She is an artist, a hiker, a poetry note taker, a sketcher, a volunteer, and a dancer, formerly in DanceAbility. She has been accepted at 4 and 20 Journal - online nature poetry, Camel Saloon, Denali Literary JournalGloom CupboardHyperlexia Journal - nature and campingJust Another Art Movement - New Zealand, KenAgainMiller's PondMonkey BicycleNeglected Ratio - two surrealistic poems, Outlaw PoetryPemmican Journal, Phantom KangarooPortland AllianceQueen Bee Collective - online nature journal from Eugene, Red Fez - Canada, Snow MonkeySymmetry Pebbles,Tiger's Eye, Wordgathering, and many other publications. She blogs at and at, a collection of Oregon poets with written and audio poetry available online through Lewis & Clark College in Portland. 

And many more in waiting, to Eugene and Oregon journals and  many online publications, journals.

"A Dancing Dream" was published in Creative Space Journal, May 2009
"In Stride" was published in Red Fez
"Gothic Black" was published in PigeonBike, February 2011

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