Sunday, May 20, 2012

Emily Smith-Miller- 3 Poems

Firecracker to the Dome

Pulling my bones apart, fingers are supernatural beings
And the breaking is a back stab building bomb
Beaching whales with napalm flames
Loving in a heat wave
My occasional misadventure
With the wrong man
Under graveyard dirt
Rolling in the Puget Sound
Don’t you smell like a teen romance?
You can freelance me to the end
I won’t keep these secrets plain
Ill lace them in my mercury saliva
I’m alive it seems
Today is such a themed trip on daisy dukes
In your back seat, don’t we keep each other down?
Drown baby
In the coldest
Salty lungs scream silver in the moonlight
Crushing with a knife point and your crowbar
Sliding up my leg
Good thing this M80 love affair
Only packs a pinching punch
Knock my breath out
Blow my hand off
Leave me splintering,
Not until I wake up
On blood soaked carpets
Will I tell you
What it means


I lather myself with the lavender soap
I imagine the essence of a sunflower
And I hope when he spreads my legs he smells the fields of Provence
Instead of cheap cherry lube
When I was a child I had simple rules
That only a child can follow
We are worn husks of organic produce
We lie to ourselves about the emptiness
We use and we hate
I hate and I am used
On starch sheets
In crochless panties
With a reaching hand of hope extending from my loins
Reverse birthing
Shedding the skin of this cumbersome twat
I will be as children are
I will love without question
And I will save myself

Southern Reasons

So still breathing for Jesus
Neon red cross and fingers crossed
I don’t believe in god
I don’t believe in the earth or purpose
It’s only to be happy
I smiled
You are so naive
Don’t know nothing
That cross isn’t salvation
Listen to the brush lullaby
Listen to my heart
We’re warm blooded
So we can bring each others bodies close
When death cold spreads its
Ice cracking spider veins
Over the weak white
I don’t believe in anything
I believe in everything
Reasons and being and you and me
We’re so wrong for each other
But I know why I'm here
Sometimes you need a little
Proof of faith
To make them stars shine
Other wise
It’ll all go dark
And I choose the light
Always the light
On these city nights
Truck stops with your buddies
They give you different reasons
Wild turkey and a trailer
You could do better
But you never let yourself
I take your hand
Run my Swiss knife
Down the center
I push your blood in my blood
Those headlights
They’ll bring you back to me
Run free
I can follow your blood
You’re a piece of me
And if I believe
Then you’ll believe
Preaching isn’t my job
And praying isn’t yours
That’s why we belong together
And why I've got to save you
From this field of briars you’ve thrown yourself into

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