Thursday, May 10, 2012

David S. Pointer- A Poem

Big Apple Drones

Early economic consequences
came armed with one lone
sputtering propeller crashing
to ground before arriving in
Washington D.C. to bomb or
strafe the people caught up in
1919s race riot, but in 1921
Tulsa, some blacks had bombs
dropped on them, and lots of
rich guys now know there’s
not enough airspace set aside
for injustice as the new drones
arrive to babysit protesters in
New York, and this isn’t the old
aerial machine gun corps auditory
commentary coming on in fast
manless flight with chemical
loads possible that would crash
Lady Liberty to protect corrupt
commerce and the paymaster’s
property that an underling mayor
and a middle man police chief
would program them to do so

Bio: David S. Pointer has new work at "Gutter Eloquence" in the blues issue. He has work forthcoming in "Bleeding Ink Anthology" and elsewhere. A new chapbook "Sinister Splashplay" is coming from "Virgogray Press."

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