Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Susan Beall Summers- Two Poems

Susan Beall Summers is a positive and lively Austin poet now living in Port Arthur. She interviews poets for Texas Nafas a Channel Austin Television show. She’s a member of Writer’s League of Texas and Austin Poetry Society. She has been published in Ilya’s Honey, Texas Poetry Calendar, Harbinger Asylum, Yellow Chair Review, Di-Verse-City,, Cattails, Frog Pond, Nothing. No One. Nowhere., and others. www.tidalpoolpoet.com 

Cantaloupe Dawn

a sherbet sky 
with a winter chill.
summer harvests
will follow their course
for now rest, reflect,
withdraw into long nights.
let the fields be fallow
until Spring signals us 
to prepare for planting.

Industrial Grey

rose colored glasses 
so utterly broken
each fractured piece 
under bloody fingers
which rub frustrated eyes
forcing shards into irises
tears blur vision
shuffling down hallways 
of industrial grey paint

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