Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rose Mary Boehm- Three Poems

Writing him off

He was old, short-sighted,
his glasses were scratched,
covered in a film of twenty years
of the life he no longer understood
or cared about, even though he was reluctant
to die which he knew he must.

He knew that eventually
I’d write him out of the story
in which he had played an important part,
that his death would soon become necessary
so that the young hero
could show us the depth of his sorrow and pain.
I promised not to let him suffer
too much.

Training Officers to Shoot First, Answer Questions Later
August 1, 2015, New York Times

a found poem

When police officers shoot people
Dr. Lewinski is there to defend
their actions. He has testified
in or consulted in nearly 200 cases
over the last decade.

His conclusions are consistent:
The officer acted appropriately.
Even when shooting an unarmed person.
Even when shooting someone in the back.
Even when witness testimony, forensic evidence
or video footage contradicts the officer’s story.

He has appeared as an expert witness in criminal trials,
civil cases, disciplinary hearings, and before grand juries.
His company, the Force Science Institute, has trained
tens of thousands of police officers.

Dr. Lewinski’s research has been roundly criticized
by experts. An editor for The American Journal of Psychology
called his work 'pseudoscience'. The Justice Department
denounced his findings as “lacking
in both foundation and reliability.”
Civil rights lawyers say
he is selling dangerous ideas.

In testimony on the stand
(for which he charges nearly $1,000 an hour)
he ... sprinkles scientific explanations with sports analogies.
His messages often conflict, in both substance and tone,
with the training now recommended
by the Justice Department and police organizations.

She used to scream

her orgasms. Open summer
windows. Blue beat from next door.
I'm hanging up nappies
to the rhythm of blues.

Lustful Madelaine.
Your tenor husband
made you beautiful music.

The cat slinks through
the hedges looking for action.

Rosmarie Epaminondas (Rose Mary Boehm)

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  1. one cannot write off the fragility of life or the ability of an acquired self to access emotion. Congrats!