Thursday, January 14, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

The Real State of the Union

light years apart,
the worldviews of the rich,
and the poor,
the black,
and the white,
the left,
and the right,
reality a montage,
changing as experiences added,
the President,
not necessarily a liar,
instead only choosing to accept the reality,
he wishes to see,
one nation under God,
no longer exists,
the one reality,
on which the government insists,
dependent on money, open borders
and nonsense votes,
licensed and legislated,
no more is reality,
questioned and debated,
but instead it is demanded we believe,
each side snuggled into the worldview of its own choice,
reality dominated now,
by the loudest voice,
the state of the union,
on the verge of divorce,
recriminations echoing,
with the President's last words,
helpless and angry,
trapped in union,
which barely exists.
 Global Warming

global warming,
if man is to blame,
answer me this,
where is the data,
where are the facts,
instead the agrument made,
about the number of people who believe,
peer pressure is not an agrument,
look to science the president says,
science is not an answer,
only a methodology,
science only certain of the world as it is,
only gives hypothesises,
of what the world shall be,
global warming is not a fact,
but a hypothesis,
no matter what the high priest says,
only one of numerous future possibilities,
the reason for the argument,
easier to see,
a government can not tax and enslave,
if a crisis not true,
the data complex,
the hypothesis,
the science to be questioned,
before global warming accepted as fact.
A President's Speech

toxic as a kiss,
given with poisoned lips,
whoever holds the power,
has the very best cards,
Obama not a gambler,
more of a coward,
unwilling to work together,
or share the power,
so instead,
he deals from the bottom of the deal,
claiming he has the right,
since he holds all the cards,
the pots shrinks,
as the hands fold,
until the game,
almost not worth playing.

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