Thursday, January 7, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

The Righteous

a Christian life,
wading a river,
upstream against the current,
a battle even to keep one's feet,
and not lose ground,
avoiding the debris floating with the current,
entanglements to be fought though,
again and again,
the mind weary,
the body spent,
bone achingly tired,
the water swirls,
never ending,
the struggle eternal,
or at least until the very last breath,
a Christian life.


crocodile tears,
steely cold,
like the barrel of a gun,
power wielding tools,
guns and tears,
both used to enforce one's will,
and change people's minds,
weapons used,
to fight for the reality seen in the mind's eye,
no matter if wrong or right.

World War III

and now it begins,
the Bible true,
telling more of diplomacy,
and future events,
than any state papers,
or reports,
written by middle level bureaucrats,
Kerry and Obama,
imbeciles and fools,
consisting only of egos,
thinking they the smartest men,
in the room,
or on the planet,
they could never be wrong,
that would be doom and destruction,
who oh God,
could have known,
surely a revelation,
World War III.

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