Monday, January 11, 2016

Douglas Polk- A Poem


liberty and homosexuality for all,
just no tobacco,
or guns of any kind,
pot laced brownies,
that's alright,
better stoned,
than obese,
in any case,
fat little white kids,
the social elite,
look in the prisons,
or on big city streets,
cops hate black people,
and brown,
it is part of the code,
guns not issued unless the mantra repeated,
'black lives matter,
not in the least,
we defend only white privilege,
that is our beat.'
empty the prisons,
it wasn't their fault,
the cops are to blame,
don't you see,
they seem to think laws matter more,
in the land of the free,
America burning down to the ground,
as the election cycle begins to wind down,
Trump thinks he's a winner,
while Hillary's campaign waits in silence,
for evidence to be found,
Bernie only worried about spending other people's loot,
a Canadian,
loves Texas boots,
Rubio budgets,
skipping meetings,
but showing up,
on morning news sets,
comic book society on ABC,
Disney a parent,
the child a spoiled brat,
NBC on the fringe,
wondering where the action is truly at,
the toilet water swirls America on down,
time to be leaving,
send in the clowns.

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