Sunday, January 3, 2016

Don Kingfisher Campbell- Three Poems

Don Kingfisher Campbell, poetry editor of the Angel City Review, editor of the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly and Spectrum, host of Saturday Afternoon Poetry in Pasadena, Creative Writing instructor in the Occidental College Upward Bound program, earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. For publishing credits, please go to

Little Boy at the Beach

He looks like he's sleeping
Wet hair seemingly combed back

Soaked red tee shirt and blue shorts
Shoes still on

He must have been tired
Face down on the sand

Gentle waves pushed him
To the Turkish shore

The only tell-tale sign
Is the swelling of his ear

Whispering sweet dreams
Of a better world for everyone

Walk a Mile in Black Nike's

They were a birthday gift from my love.
The first pair of this brand I've ever possessed.
They're light and springy.
Fun to walk in.
I'm almost bouncing every day.
But my feet are cold when it's chilly outside.
No kicks ever did that before.
I can feel a breeze through them.
I bound to the car feeling younger.
Step on the pedals.
Sense the give.
Reminds me of you know who
as I remember to think about it.
I go to school, lunch, back home.
When I am free, I spend time with her.
Take 'em off.
That's even better.
Then I ponder...
who made the shoes.

Human Minds

A world without
the bomb

Now wouldn't that
be something

Maybe then we'd
get rid of the rockets
and missiles too

But it would take
the removal of rifles
and guns

To produce
a fundamental return

Back to swords
and knives

Unless an alien came
to melt it all down

Hell, you know
we'd rise up

Stones and sticks
in our hands

Even sans trees
fists would still
over rule

Taking away bodies
would leave only
worlds behind

For the universe
to merrily corrode
out of existence

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  1. Don Kingfisher Campbell has sure walked a wonderful mile in his Nikes. Hurrah!