Monday, January 4, 2016

Chris Butler- Three Poems

Chris Butler is an anorexic starving artist. His sixth book in his Poems of Pain series, BUMMER, was recently published by Scars Publications. He is also the co-editor of the literary journal The Beatnik Cowboy.

Is This the Way It Really Has to Be?

A double homicide downtown
with a young black male as the prime suspect.
A white officer of the law takes the life
of a minority he swore to protect and serve.
Oil prices are on the rise. Inflation deflates
the penniless bank accounts. Interest rates
rape the servants’ life savings. Foreclosures
break homes on every street corner. Millions
of children of non-Caucasian complexions
starve and die of diseases cured ages ago.
The president orders the bombing
of a building halfway across the planet,
using a surface to air missile with pinpoint
accuracy to blow a hospital to smithereens.
The corporations arrive the very next day
to rebuild the rubble at a false prophet’s profit.
Wall Street companies relocate overseas
to pay pennies for child labor in sweatshops
then sell the merchandise for nineteen
ninety nine. Civil wars are instigated
with coups to overthrow democratically
elected leaders who refuse American dollar bribes,
as genocidal dictators selling their resources
to us at a discount sit peacefully in their palace.
A young white male walks into a school
with semi-automatic weapons protected
by the second amendment and ammunition
purchased at the local Walmart and shoots
twenty two little boys and girls for no reason.

This is the way the world has been since birth,
so this must be the way the world has to be. 

My Father’s Son

I inherited
a misfortune
of worn genes
and dopamine

from the
why side
of the family.

I drink too much.
I don’t sleep enough.
My skull is full of nuts.
I self-destruct.

Until I find
a new disease,
eight hours a day,
five days a week.


My pen
stabs the page
until it bleeds
to death.

My fingers
strike the keys
until they weep
and submit
to my commands.

As I rage
for today.

My thoughts
expose my naked
body and mind
to an uncensored world.

My mind
is the most
dangerous weapon
to inflict suicide,
homicide and genocide.

As I rage

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