Monday, January 11, 2016

Bruce Mundhenke- Two Poems


Across town in a Chevy,
Summer evening ride,
Elvis on the radio,
Windows open wide.
People outside in their yards
Relaxing all around...
We pulled up behind an edsil,
First one in our town.
Heard sounds of children playing...
A backyard barbecue.
Older folks in lawnchairs,
Sipping Cokes or beers,
While children played
Tag or mother-May-I,
Badminton or croquet.
A feast of tranquil magic,
Twilight on the lawn,
A host of yellow flashing lights,
An era now long gone.

Ten Days in Jail

I once spent ten days in the county,
In the bullpen with Zeke and J.C.,
Who were guilty just like me.
We knew the trustee,
Also guilty like me,
Who brought left-handed smokes
To our cell.
The food was never enough,
The accommodations were rough,
When I got bailed out
And got out and about,
I was glad
There were still stars above.

Bruce Mundhenke is a barbarian Christian who enjoys nature and reading and writing poetry. He has worked as a laborer and a registered nurse. He lives in Illinois with his wife Mary, their dog Max and their cat Gracie.

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