Monday, January 4, 2016

Bruce Mundhenke- Two Poems

Serving the Destroyer

The ravens fed the prophets
Who were scattered across the land.
The prophets warned the people,
Who were slow to understand,
That the end of the age was drawing near
As the Dragon played his hand.
The people of the land were starving,
But not for a lack of food,
The more they had to be thankful for,
The fouler became their mood,
For the rich, the increase was never enough,
And the poor wanted more for themselves.
So the rich oppressed poor in other lands
And spread anger and discontent.
Wise in their own eyes,
Yet they soon realized
That power came and went.
They had chosen to serve the destroyer,
And destruction had now come to them.

They Came

They came out from the abyss,
Once more back in time,
Every intention evil,
All of them of one mind.
Serving the destroyer,
Opposed to all mankind.
Invisible among them,
But evident everywhere,
Sewing the seed of chaos
In every field they plow,
Murder, madness, selfishness,
The fruits they hope to reap,
Their vast storehouses bulging,
And still the people sleep.

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