Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vivian Belford- Three Poems

There you are Miss Dawn, bathing on my mind  
Weird and wonderful beauty but endowed with grief

Tapping away at my insentience
Excessively close for comfort


Back to veracity

Then,ceaseless worries jolts, with it, lover’s quarrel confirms
Leaving misunderstandings and sad taste of mistrust


I constantly wish for a sleep to dream you back
To this sure world of peaceful trance


I dread to arise to Dawn’s cock and bull
 And the nasty fight of blood left in its ugly trail

This is life unfolding…

Sad tales of death announced
As well as happy cries of “it’s a baby boy” echoes

Flesh ruptures softly in nightly nuptial moans
As well as painful torn skin under hidden lock and key

Saints slaying sins in congregational cathedrals
As well as robbers robbing minds at old roger’s creaky mill

Life goes on regardless…

Stirred by September’s loving hands

Enthused by October’s soulful eyes

Seduced by November’s sweetly lips

Enchanted by December’s taunting heart

Beware of these ember clan.. 

Vivian Belford is a freelance writer by day and an aspiring actor by night, she started writing professionally in 2013, some of her work has been featured in Indian periodicals, Tuck magazine Creativity webzine. She is currently staring in her own movie "living and dying with a smile"
and she writes from Abuja Nigeria.

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