Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stu Buck- Two Poems

'Stuart Buck is a poet living in North Wales. He has a chapbook due out next year and regularly blogs and posts poetry @'

causa mortis

I found by my bed
A dried out husk
Brittle and boneless

So I gave it my eyes
Slid out the milky corneas
So that it might see

Cut out my tongue
Thick and coiling like a serpent
To give it my words

I sliced through my ears
Like sweet Vincent
So that it might hear
My daughter’s true love

Shaved my head army clean
So one day it may feel
My wife’s eternal fingers

I located my pulmonary vein
As scarlet rushed true
So that it might boil and bleed

My lungs I gave freely
Fat palettes of life
Slipped into its chest
For life and breath

My insides slid easy
From the slit in my stomach
Into its wanting waves

My brain was the hardest
I cherished my mind
But still it passed over
So that it may think

And finally my heart
My bittersweet heart
Pushed into its chest
With a beat and a beauty

Then I lay still
A husk of a man
While He rose from the ground
And light poured into me.


My breath paints opaque on the drab, teary window
As I watch the umber monster lunk and lumber down the lane

All flash bang glamour and neon safety signs
Leaving behind macerated kerbs of sod and shimmering puddles

Scuttling behind are three ludicrous, papaya tinged workers
Swearing and sighing and singing rude songs

One guides a hose from the beast to the gaping, gurgling maw of the drain
 While two drowned rats smoke and supervise

A simple sign impels a guttural roar from the dismal juggernaut
Scattering cats and waking the village from its bucolic slumber

The beast drinks long from the effluence and precipitation
The blockage soon vanquished by its horsepower and suction

The sewage filled dragon ceases its flames and shudders
Then rolls on down the muddy road

The men follow like chained servants
Swearing and singing and waiting for dark.

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